Slow down – Life isn’t a race

You’re walking up hill and it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere,

Just walking, walking, walking

When will this end, you ask yourself,

‘When will I reach the top?

When I feel satisfied, that’s when I’ll stop.’

But your tired, weak and a little scared,

‘What if the top isn’t what I’d imagined up there?’

But you find yourself climbing still, higher and higher up the hill

The unknown scares you the most, just not knowing what the future holds

But something inside of you pushes you through,

You keep telling yourself, ‘this is what I have to do.’

But what if you stopped and sat for a while,

Just took in the views and allowed a gentle smile

Sat with thoughts of where you are now,

Carried on slowly, telling yourself you’ll get there somehow

Life isn’t always a race to the top, the finishing line, the full stop

It’s much more than that, you see

It’s the journey, the joy, the pain and the beauty in between

It’s about believing you’ll get to where you need to be,

Not giving up, but a sense of feeling free.

Written by Ruth Cullinan MBACP (Reg)

Published by ruth cullinan

Qualified Counsellor MBACP (Reg.) working with adults and young people

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