The monster under the bed – A poem to help parents

Mummy I know your frustrated with me and really fed up

But I’m scared of this monster it just wont give up

I want to be brave mummy, I really do

But It’s big, strong and scary

I just don’t know what to do

I am sorry for crying and waking you up

But you help me feel safe and that’s enough

So please help me feel safe and secure

By fighting this monster and showing it the door

Let me explain how this monster makes me feel

It starts in my tummy, I feel a bit icky

And then I start to feel shaky and sweaty

I think about the thing that’s hiding in my room

Will it eat me, crunch me, scare me, BOO!

Instead of getting angry with me mummy, can you just see

I need you to help me, and tell me I’m not being silly

To help me feel better and less scared

To help me see that you’re there

I don’t need to hear that it’s nonsense

That monsters don’t exist

Be with me in these scary times

Help me get through it

Written by Ruth Cullinan MBACP (Reg.)

Published by ruth cullinan

Qualified Counsellor MBACP (Reg.) working with adults and young people

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