The monster under the bed – A poem to help parents

Mummy I know your frustrated with me and really fed up But I’m scared of this monster it just wont give up I want to be brave mummy, I really do But It’s big, strong and scary I just don’t know what to do I am sorry for crying and waking you up But youContinue reading “The monster under the bed – A poem to help parents”

Slow down – Life isn’t a race

You’re walking up hill and it feels like you aren’t getting anywhere, Just walking, walking, walking When will this end, you ask yourself, ‘When will I reach the top? When I feel satisfied, that’s when I’ll stop.’ But your tired, weak and a little scared, ‘What if the top isn’t what I’d imagined up there?’Continue reading “Slow down – Life isn’t a race”

The power of exploration in the counselling room

I have lost count of how many times I’ve heard, “how can talking about your problems actually help?” Or, “You must be able to tell your clients what to do as their counsellor, that’s your job isn’t it?” Now, I know that these statements usually come from a persons view of counselling, and the ideasContinue reading “The power of exploration in the counselling room”

Surviving Parenting in Lockdown 3.0

Being a parent is tough in normal times, but throw in a pandemic and it definitely tests the most patient of parents. I wanted to write a blog to highlight how challenging these times are for parents, and to share some ideas and tips to hopefully help you through it. Looking back to the firstContinue reading “Surviving Parenting in Lockdown 3.0”

Anxiety during a pandemic

You may have found yourself saying, “I’ve never suffered with anxiety before but now I do…..” I just want to tell you that this is normal (can I add, I hate using the word normal but it’s banded around now, especially the ‘new normal’) it’s kind of become part of our everyday language right? So,Continue reading “Anxiety during a pandemic”