Counselling Sessions and Fees

Initially, I would offer a 30 minute assessment session (online/telephone) to explore what it is you need from counselling and to look at how I could be of help. I charge £25 for this assessment session.

Counselling is all about relationship, so it’s vital that you choose the right counsellor for you, the consultation process should help you in making this decision.

I offer weekly sessions, short term or long term, depending on your needs. The sessions last for 50 minutes.

I charge £55 for one to one and I charge £65 for parent and child sessions. I have a 24 hour cancellation policy, whereby if you cancel within the 24 hours, I would need to charge the full session fee.

Payment method:

I accept cash or bank transfer. Payment needs to be paid in advance of a session or straight after.


Confidentiality is of huge importance in my work. Everything you bring to the counselling room will remain confidential, however there are exceptions to this, in these circumstances I may need to breach your confidentiality and speak to someone:

1. If I feel concerned for your safety or if I feel you or someone else is at risk of significant harm

2. If you disclose any information regarding terrorism

3. Any disclosures are made regarding involvement in drug or human trafficking

When working with children and young people

Again, everything they discuss in the counselling room will remain confidential, I wouldn’t discuss any of the content with parents/carers – as a parent I understand that this may feel anxiety provoking but confidentiality when working with children and young people is key, they need to feel able to explore whats going on for them in a safe space, knowing that they can trust their counsellor. There are exceptions to confidentiality, I would have to breach their confidentiality if:

1. They disclosed they were being abused

2. If they were at risk of significant harm or disclosed that another was at risk

3. The child or young person requests that I share information with another

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