How can counselling help?

Feeling depressed, alone, lost or confused about where you are going in life? Counselling can help you.
Feeling lost, anxious, depressed or alone? Counselling can help.

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What is counselling and how can it help me?

So I’m assuming you are looking for a counsellor but you may have many questions, maybe you’ve never had counselling before, it feels a bit scary right? So let me explain what counselling is and how I can help you.

Counselling is a talking therapy, to help clients develop a deeper awareness and understanding of themselves. Usually people will enter counselling with a view of wanting to change something about their current situation or circumstances. Counselling offers people a safe and confidential space to express and explore their thoughts, feelings and difficulties whilst being listened to by a trained counsellor.

The image above illustrates the journey in counselling, it can seem like a long and challenging, sometimes painful journey with lots of the unknown, however paths will always lead somewhere, my job is to help you find where you need to be in life.

As a counsellor I am there to listen without judgement, to offer a space whereby you feel safe enough to open up. Relationship is a key part of the counselling process, to be able to fully connect with your own emotional distress or difficulties in your life, its vital that as a counsellor I am welcoming and offer a calming, non – judgmental and empathic presence.

I often describe the counselling process like a ‘dress rehearsal’ for real life – during your counselling journey, you will learn to communicate your needs better, learn to express yourself in a safe way and develop a greater sense of self awareness, which in turn creates confidence and a higher level of self worth.

We will work collaboratively, I am always led by you as the client. It’s important as a counsellor, I haven’t got my own agenda. You can bring what you feel you need to talk about and explore, we can then together unpick this and work out ways to move forward.

Some of the things I can help you with:





Self harm

Low self esteem and confidence




Anger Management

Identity issues


Suicidal thoughts

Panic attacks

My Counselling room is based in Harrow and is close to transport links. It is a lovely, cosy and light room, one that provides privacy and comfort.

I am also offering online or telephone counselling sessions.

07950 502069

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